PhD AND DOCTORAL PROGRAMMESPhD in Business Administration



PhD programme structure

First year

Each student accepted into the specialisation will have an official PhD supervisor, who will be a faculty member of SKEMA. 

Students will be allocated to a supervisor at the beginning of the first year and it is expected that students will be supervised by this same supervisor throughout the entire programme. However, students should also interact with other faculty members inside and outside SKEMA. Should the student be jointly registered on another programme elsewhere or have a formal co-supervisor outside SKEMA, then the specialisation director needs to be informed and has to validate it.

Each course will have its own evaluation at the end of the course to assess students. Course instructors will define the conditions and the content of the exam, class presentations and assignments, and will be responsible for the grading of their course.

Other PhD courses may be offered during the year and students will be expected to attend them, though not included in the list above.

As well as these courses, first-year students need to attend the research seminars of their respective research centres: 
  • FAIRR for students in the Finance and Accounting track
  • KTO for students in the Management track. 
Students will also be required to write a detailed research proposal, which will be the starting point of their PhD theses. 

Proposals need to be presented during the research seminar at the end of the first year.

Course structure

Core courses for both specialisations:
  • Advanced Econometrics, 40 hrs
  • Contract Theory, 15 hrs

Finance & Accounting specialisation:
  • Behavioural Corporate Finance, 15 hrs
  • Theory of Accounting, 15 hrs
  • International Corportate Finance and Accounting, 15 hrs 
  • Asset Pricing, 15 hrs

Management specialisation:
  • Strategy, 20 hrs
  • Knowledge Base and Innovation, 20 hrs
  • Literature and Bibliometrics, 20 hrs

Admission to the second year

If needed, retake exams will be organised at the end of the first academic year to allow first-year students to retake failed exams. There is no retake for the research proposal. 

To enter the second year, students must have obtained:
    • At least a B- in each of the five courses (corresponding to a grade of at least 70%);
    • A successful defence of the student’s research proposal before the scientific committee (end of first year).
Students who fail these requirements are not allowed to enter the second year and thus cannot re-register in September, unless approved by the programme director.

Second, third and fourth year of the programme

The second, third and fourth years are dedicated to the writing of the doctoral thesis.

Students must also:
  • Continue to attend the weekly research seminars of their respective research centres. The schedule of seminars is established each year in September and regularly updated to take into account invitations made
  • Attend PhD-related events, like: 
    • IAFDS conference for finance and accounting students
    • Edison and SKEMA KTO Paper Development Workshop for management students.
Students may be offered the opportunity to spend several months at a partner university. Those who wish to do so should discuss that with their PhD supervisors ahead of time.

Students are expected to present their work in (peer-reviewed) academic conferences.

Scientific Committee

The purpose of the Scientific Committee is to manage the programme’s evolution and innovation. 

Scientific Committee for the Finance and Accounting specialisation:

Scientific Committee for the Management specialisation:
As well as the internal members listed above, external members may be appointed.

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