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Denis Pellicer: "Taking advantage of professional opportunities but remaining loyal to your company"

Published on 15 November 2023

"Taking advantage of professional opportunities but remaining loyal to your company": Denis Pellicer, (SKEMA 2012) Tax Director in Tax Technology & Accounting, Siemens Energy, looks back on his career in finance.

​Could you tell us about your career path, from your graduation from SKEMA to your current position as Tax Director in Tax Technology & Accounting at Siemens? 

I began my professional career at McDonald's and Quick, where I learned the basics of taxation. I then had the opportunity to join the SNCF Group, where I worked on strategic issues for the company, such as the transition from a cooperative rail system to a single "THALYS" rail company model. I then joined the EDF Group's Nuclear and Thermal Division, working on the fiscal impact of the closure of thermal power plants in France and the international development of nuclear-related activities. The company offered me the chance for an external secondment with Technicolor, where I acquired additional skills in customs and Tax Technology by working on dematerialisation projects. I am currently Tax Director at Siemens Energy, a group I joined in 2020 to create a new position.
What inspired you to specialise in taxation and Tax Technology? How did you identify this career opportunity?

With my heart and mind! SKEMA's courses in business law, and tax law in particular, were of particular interest to me. This career choice also enabled me to put into practice both the finance and management skills I had developed in SKEMA's Grande École programme, and the legal and tax skills I had developed as part of a double degree in business law, followed by a Master's degree specialising in taxation. My interest in Tax Technology was stimulated by the increasing complexity of regulations and the potential of technology to simplify them. I saw this as a career opportunity when I observed the rapid evolution of the sector and recognised the growing demand for experts able to combine tax and technology for innovative solutions.

You did a double degree in business law, followed by a master's specialising in taxation, in parallel with the PGE. Why did you make this choice and how did it help you?

I was keen to do a double degree in business law and taxation because I wanted to understand the legal and fiscal aspects of business and, above all, to understand how a legal career could help create added value within a company. The versatility I developed in business school is totally suited to  the job of a corporate tax specialist. Tax specialists manage the company's risks and have a cross-functional vision of the issues involved. [...]

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