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SKEMA to launch big-budget AI lab

Published on 13 December 2018

With an initial budget of more than three million euros, the SKEMA Global AI Lab will become one of the leading centres for enhanced intelligence over the next five years.

Augmented intelligence is the science of data and artificial intelligence in the service of humans. The aim of the laboratory will be to bridge the gap between data science, artificial intelligence and the digital transformation of companies and our societies.

By developing data science and artificial intelligence algorithms, the laboratory will specialise in predictive modelling dedicated to the new challenges facing companies and our societies.

The laboratory will play a role as an accelerator for research and the digital transformation of teaching materials and classes on all SKEMA Business School's campuses through the use of a state-of-the-art platform.

Other private funding and a major technology partner are expected to quickly join the SKEMA AI Global Lab to make it a world-class research laboratory.

Professor Thierry Warin is to join SKEMA in January. He is a data science professor and expert for companies and the creator of a technological platform dedicated to researching data science and artificial intelligence. He will be founding and leading the laboratory. 

The ethos of this laboratory is to be an “undisciplined lab”, in that it will be genuinely multidisciplinary, fundamentally exploratory and often anticonformist. One of the academic editors of PLOS One, Thierry Warin, has been a full professor at HEC Montreal since 2013 and was a visiting scholar at Harvard University on several occasions for almost 10 years.
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