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SKEMA Suzhou: ‘China Through My Lens’ contest showcases students’ creativity

Published on 14 November 2023

SKEMA’s Suzhou campus recently hosted a travel photography contest, "China Through My Lens," offering students a unique opportunity to capture the essence of China during their travels over the Chinese national holiday. The event was a celebration of the creative vision, diversity, and photographic skills of SKEMA students as they embarked on a journey across this vibrant country.

​​The contest, organised from October 1 to 12, invited students to document their experiences during their travels across China. Participants were encouraged to express their creativity and originality through a portfolio of four images that wove a compelling narrative.

The competition was marked by a stringent selection process. The top 15 shortlisted entries were printed and proudly displayed on the campus for students and staff to view and vote on their top three favourites.

In the final stage, the nine finalists with the most “likes" showcased their works to a panel of judges. During their presentations, each participant had up to two minutes to unveil the insights behind their portfolio, including their creative process, unique perspective, and the thematic thread connecting their images.

Remarkabl​e works

This year's competition brought forth some exceptional talent. The winners stood out for their remarkable stories told through their camera lenses. The awards went to the following participants.

Quentin Marc, a student from the ESDHEM programme​, secured the first prize with his compelling portfolio titled "Yunnan's hopeful future, captured in the eyes of children." His captivating images portrayed the innocence and resilience of Chinese children facing challenging circumstances. M1 student Yuxin Gu clinched the second prize for his outstanding portfolio, "Ancient and modern frame," which harmoniously blended ancient and modern architectural elements. His work emphasised the enduring legacy of ancient Chinese buildings within the contemporary landscape.

Ilayda Aslan from the MSc Corporate ​Financial Management programme​ received the third prize for her collection, "People of China," a series of compelling portraits inspired by individuals she encountered during her road trip. Her portfolio revealed the diversity of the Chinese people and shared their unique stories.

"This event served as a reminder tha​t photography has the unique ability to transcend language barr​iers"​

 Meanwhile, another CFM student Frank Yang was recognised with the "Best Single Shot Prize" for his evocative portfolio titled "Beyond Expectations." His images captured moments of nostalgia, traditional neighbourhoods, family bonds, and the breathtaking Chinese landscape.

The "China Through My Lens" contest at SKEMA Suzhou was not just a competition but also a testament to the power of photography to bridge cultures and showcase the beauty of the world through the eyes of aspiring young photographers.

“The contest provided a platform for students to connect with and gain a deeper understanding of China's culture, people, and natural beauty. This event served as a reminder that photography has the unique ability to transcend language barriers and bring people together through visual storytelling," concluded Kim Jason, the student activity supervisor at the Suzhou campus.​

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