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Overview - RISE² Research Centre

Who we are

The RISE² (Reflections and Research In International Strategy Sustainability Entrepreneurship and Economics) Research Centre is a dynamic research group, whose purpose is to generate outstanding research on how business activities can be sustainable and contribute to a better world.

We acknowledge that private business initiative is the leading driver of economic growth. We also acknowledge that most economic activities are struggling with uncertainty and the issues raised by economic, social, and environmental sustainability. Among many other events, the global financial crisis, the fractured workplace or climate change have been wake-up calls.  Under the pressure of various stakeholders, and stimulated by the UN Sustainability Goals, the private sector is now pivoting towards more sustainability-oriented business models. Encouragingly, there is growing evidence that embracing sustainable strategies can generate both private and social benefits.

The Research Centre RISE² contributes to the cutting-edge and multifaceted topic of sustainability in three different ways.  First, we examine the factors and strategies shaping the transition of domestic and multinational enterprises towards a more sustainable production model, highlighting best practices and the most supportive public policies. Second, we are currently developing a class of innovative nowcasting indicators, measuring global financial conditions, growth at risk, or economic conditions in African frontier countries in real time. These indicators will enable stakeholders to ass the short-term and long-term viability of local and global economic systems. Finally, our members have expertise in a variety of topics (e.g. multinational strategy, leadership, women in organisations, digital manufacturing, economic growth, human rights) which enable us to address sustainability issues from different and complementary angles.

What we do

We carry out our research using the most advanced tools, such as machine learning or textual analysis and our members always strive to acquire and upgrade their research and communication skills. In our research centre, qualitative and quantitative research complement each other to provide contextualised results, with both rigour and relevance. We also regularly organise seminars and we actively encourage international experts to visit us.

We publish in top academic journals, including Research Policy, Journal of Business Ethics, Organization, Journal of Applied Econometrics, Journal of Development Economics, Technical Forecasting and Social Change, Environmental and Resource Economics, Journal of Economic Behaviour and Organization, Long Range Planning, World Economy, Small Business Economics.

The impact of our research can be seen, beyond academic publications, through the development of innovative teaching methods and textbooks, participation in key conferences, involvement in industry events, consultancy projects for public and private entities, or contributions to large-scale research projects.

In the coming years, we expect the RISE² Research Centre to be the place to visit for people wishing to find expertise, research, and information on sustainable business models in a globalised world.