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Elective in Project Management

6 modules

This specialisation focuses on new approaches in management and leadership in order to develop the analytical skills, agility and initiative needed to manage new projects or project-based organisations.
  • Acquire the global vision of a project or create a project-based organisation to achieve business objectives.
  • Discover the methodology and tools to frame and manage projects.
  • Understand how to create an environment that nurtures success and performance.

Project risk management

Risk management is a key factor in all areas of business, including complex projects. This course demonstrates the methods and techniques to identify and assess project risk, and the preparation of measures for monitoring risk.

Achieving business objectives

Projects are an investment: resources are expected to generate benefits upon completion. While often measured in financial terms, many projects’ benefits are better measured as user benefits, or as compliance with regulatory requirements.

Contract management

Contracts are central to successful project management, defining resources required, objectives, people with the right skills, materials, products and equipment. Issues such as project complexity and outsourcing imply that such contracts need to be well-defined and rigorous.

Applied planning and control

Project execution is complicated, requiring special teams to perform specific tasks. This module provides an introduction to how a project should be established, planned, executed and closed with the highest possible chance of success.

Leadership and communication

Highly motivated teams give their utmost in critical situations, and yield better results. What should a manager do to develop a highly motivated team? This course examines different leadership approaches and skills to develop teams whose members continuously have a high level of motivation.

Organising and leading project teams

Projects have become business-critical. They need to achieve strategic goals and objectives and be conducted in accordance with good practice. This module deals with key criteria that determine a project’s success, such as good organisation, clear roles and responsibilities, establishing an effective team and helping it grow, motivating staff and managing stakeholders.

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