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Phd and doctoral programmes


Phd and doctoral programmes

The PhD in Finance and Accounting is a very selective, four-year, full-time programme. It forms part of the activities of the FAIRR (Finance and Accounting Insights on Risk and Regulation) Research Centre.

SKEMA business school proposes a strong international standard base PhD in Management called KTO (Knowledge, Technology and Organisation) PhD.

This PhD in Management combines disciplinary breadth and methodological depth. It prepares candidates for research and teaching careers at leading educational institutions where advanced research capabilities are required. The KTO PhD is a full-time programme. It is intensive, with high expectations on independent inquiry, on competences in research methods and on collaboration. Our goal is to place students in top institutions in Europe and in the US.

Over the past sixty years project and programme management have become accepted ways of managing organisations. Projects and programmes are strategic processes which modify the conditions of the firm in its environment.
The primary goal of the Doctorate in Business Administration in Project and Programme Management is to provide solid foundations and competencies for participants’ future careers in project, programme and general management.

The DDBA  is a distance-learning DBA in the general field of management, of SKEMA Business School and​ The Business Science Institute.

This programme relies on a ‘digital knowledge box’ that allows managers to work at a distance from their home, office, etc. during their own available time.  The knowledge box contains 16 doctoral courses or ‘Knowledge Cores’ with exclusive videos, books, articles, exchange forums, quizzes, etc. (More details about the DDBA programme are available if you click on the programme tab).