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Research expertise

International Corporate Governance

Research expertise in international corporate governance at SKEMA Business School is led by Florencio Lopez de Silanes. His academic and applied work has dealt broadly with the analysis of what governance structures are appropriate for what economies and firms, what makes for good laws and regulations, and the socioeconomic institutions that are key elements of a smoothly functioning market economy. Visit the International Corporate Governance page for more information.


The recent technological developments have led to a series of transformative innovations in the area of financial services. SKEMA’s Fintech Initiative aims at deepening our understanding of the new opportunities and challenges that arise with this digital transformation. The team led by Armin Schwienbacher focuses on three distinct areas: new financing methods for startups (crowdfunding and coin offerings), blockchain technology (decentralized platforms and their implications for financial stability), entrepreneurial opportunities (emergence of new digital infrastructure and machine learning algorithms). Visit the FinTech page for more information.

Regional Clusters and Dynamics​

Members of the KTO research centre headed by Ludovic Dibiaggio carry out research into the resilience and competitiveness of technology parks and regional clusters. Visit the Regional clusters and dynamics​ page for more information.