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Events & presentations

  • ​Crowdfunding Day 2015 (Amsterdam – May 2015)
  • ​5th HEC Workshop on “Entrepreneurship – Entrepreneurial Finance” at HEC Paris (Jouy-en-Josas – September 2014) 
  • ​Annual Meeting of the Canadian Law and Economics Association at University of Toronto (Toronto – September 2014)
  • ​2nd Annual Academic Symposium on Crowdfunding at UC Berkeley (Berkeley – September 2014)
  • ​2nd Crowdinvesting Symposium –  Keynote Presentation on “After Crowdinvesting: Second Rounds, Exit Strategies and Dilution Protection” at the LMU Munich, organized by the Juristische Fakultät (Munich – July 2014)
  • ​Research workshop (Journée d'Etude) on the topic of “Crowdfunding : L'encadrement juridique de la finance participative” at the Université Lille 2, organized by the Centre René Demogue (Lille – June 2014)
  • ​High-Level Roundtable Participation at the ECB Committee on Financial Integration (CFI): “Overcoming financial fragmentation in a context of bank deleveraging: Capital markets, financial innovation, and non-bank lenders as viable supply channels for SME financing”, organized by the European Central Bank (Frankfurt – May 2014)
  • ​Roundtable Participation on “Crowdfunding: Beyond the Hype” at the Finance Focus Breakfast, organized by the Bruegel Institute (Brussels – May 2014)
  • ​Belgian Entrepreneurship Research Day 2014 (BERD) – Keynote Presentation on “Entrepreneurial Risk-Taking in Crowdfunding Campaigns”, organized by Ghent University and Vlerick Business School  (Ghent – May 2014)
  • ​10° petit déjeuner du Cycle Innovation & Connaissance (Presentation on “Le crowdfunding, nouvelle source de financement pour les entreprises ?”, organized by SKEMA), Euratechnologies (Lille – March 2014)
  • ​Realise It Meeting – Keynote Presentation on “The Economics of Crowdfunding”, organized by the Oceans Network and Erasmus Mundus Association (Lisbon – September 2013)
  • ​Roundtable on “Crowdfunding Practice, Policy and Research” (Introductory Presentation on “Crowdfunding in Europe”), organized by the Utrecht University School of Economics (Utrecht – May 2013)
  • ​Workshop on “Crowdfunding: State of Play” (Introductory Presentation on “Overview of Crowdfunding in Europe”), organized by DG Connect and DG Enterprise & Industry at the European Commission (Brussels – November 2012)
  • ​Workshop at Fraunhofer ISI on “Crowdfunding innovativer und kreativer Vorhaben – Ein brauchbares Instrument zur Schließung der FrühphasenFinanzierungslücke?” (Karlsruhe – May 2011)
  • ​Conference on “The Energy Challenges Facing European Industry” organized by the Belgian Presidency of the EU Council, keynote speaker at the workshop “Financing Tools” (Spa – September 2010)