MASTER OF SCIENCEDigital Business, Data Analysis and Management

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Value proposition


Wh​​​at differentiates the MSc Digital Business, Data Analysis & Management?

  • Programme aimed at the comprehensive study of the effects of digitisation -- the most powerful and overwhelming force in modern business

  • Designed to produce professionals with skill sets highly sought after on the job market

  • Dynamic curriculum incorporating today's industry requirements

  • Overseen by a top-level scientific committee combining high-level executives from stake-holder firms with renowned international academics

  • Taught by SKEMA's leading faculty from various disciplines

  • A unique combination of strategy, economics, marketing and information systems disciplines

  • Based in the heart of Europe's largest technological park, the programme benefits from interactions with leading players in digitisation.

Didier Bonnet, senior vice president of Capgemini Consulting, member of the MSc Digital Business, Data Analysis & Management Advisory Board 

“The objective of the MSc in Digital Business, Data Analysis & Management is to give students a broad and rigorous grounding in all aspects of digital business. 

This MSc takes a perspective that goes much wider than digital marketing and includes strategy, operations, economics and tools like big data too. The students will engage in a comprehensive study of the effects of digitisation, which has become the most powerful and overwhelming force in modern business. 

Students will analyse issues ranging from the impact of the new sharing economy to how large corporations can master their digital transformation. Nowadays, companies going through digital transformation include firms in every industry of the economy – not just the darlings of Silicon Valley. Digitisation is completely rewriting the traditional business models in all industries. Current advances in technology and big data processing tools allow for much greater transparency in information flows, deeper collaboration and flatter organisational hierarchies. 

The curriculum of the programme places a particular accent on an understanding of the impact of such advances. The MSc in Digital Business, Data Analysis & Management at SKEMA Business School will undoubtedly produce well-rounded professionals with great prospects on tomorrow's job market.”​

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